Health & Well-Being

Believing that a healthy body promotes the total well-being of the individual and society, 3ABN considers health programmes to be of particular importance. For a low-income economy where health care is not easily affordable to all, the programmes are designed to bring to viewers important cutting-edge scientific information on medical and lifestyle issues.  Health programmes present information on the root causes of diseases and prevention of diseases such as, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, communicable, HIV/AIDS and other infectious malaria, hypertension, breast/prostate and other cancers, kidney and liver malfunctions and so on. Popular programmes, such as "Help Yourself to Health," features medical experts with subjects ranging from strengthening the immune system to hydrotherapy and home herbal remedies for everyday ailments. Their approach is to assist the ordinary person with practical inexpensive solutions to health and illness.

A rehabilitation clinic runs continually for those who wish to break the addiction to nicotine, hard drugs and alcohol.

Nutritional programmes feature nutrition experts on food and phyto-chemistry with global & Ghanaian recipes showing viewers how to prepare healthy foods with less added fat, salt, and sugar and the right combination of fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables to provide the best brain foods for children expecting mothers and babies and the whole family; Public health experts will illuminate the role of drugs, stimulants and food additives in processed foods in causing diseases and how to combat this with natural locally produced foods.