Science and Nature Documentaries

Interesting nature historical and scientific documentaries to captivate the attention of audiences of all ages include a wide variety of creationist science documentaries from renowned production networks exploring:

  • Oceans and waters around us, lakes, rivers, floods, tidal waves and how waters awesome forces can completely change the face of the earth.
  • The power and majesty of the earth beneath our feet teaching us about the shifting plates and molten volcanic eruptions and how the same magnificent power that girds the earth provides a firm foundation for every living thing.
  • The atmosphere above us; the role of the wind in our complex weather system – a system so intricately designed and in every magnificent and awe-inspiring detail.
  • Space and planetary systems such as Our Solar System, showing travel among the planets of Earth’s solar system and exploring their magnificent and awe-inspiring geological detail and wonders; The Milky Way and Beyond, showing space shuttle travels deep inside our Milky Way one of the most brilliant of God’s creation, a sea of over 200 billion stars through the NASA Hubble telescope and taking viewers beyond the Edge of Creation into the infinite galaxies outside the Milky way.
  • History & archaeological discoveries Fossil records &
  • Scientific research programmes on the animal and food industry: ramifications of antibiotics in animal farming Mad Cow Disease, Foot and Mouth disease etc; the latest scientific findings on the enigma of diary products and blessings of the African dietary heritage in escaping these.
  • Soothing music productions with footages of the beauty of creation displayed in wide variety of magnificent scenery delicate flowers and gentle creatures as peaceful video journeys into a world of quite streams, and hidden meadows mountains, hills, valleys and eco-systems in all parts of the earth that make up the global system we all share.