Kid’s Time

Children’s Corner is 3ABN’s world-renowned special children's programmes that are a healthy alternative to the usual commercial fare. Kid’s Time will bring a variety of quality children’s programmes to your home including several features that train children in the way they should grow. For example:

  • Nature Time takes children and adults into nature and reveals to them incredible secrets about creation - animals reptiles, insects, geological features;
  • School-timeemploys songs, stories, and school experiments to keep children's attention focused while they learn important values and life skills while bringing them up to the latest global school educational curriculum including computer technologies as well as local Ghanaian curriculum;
  • Cook Timepresented mainly by children teach their peers good things to eat and how to be helpful in the home;
  • God Timeuses characters from the scriptures to tell their own stories and to teach high moral values and ethical  principles to children.