Three Angels Broadcasting Network Ghana (3ABN-Ghana) is a non-profit communication network organization committed to bringing educational, scientific, health, family and quality lifestyle TV and Radio programming to the Ghanaian society. In addition, to the TV station, 3ABN-Ghana Radio Station will bring enjoyment to those in remote areas and those who do not have access to TV equipment. 3ABN-Ghana will also establish Local Productions Studios for the purpose of: 

  •  Generating locally produced programmes and in the process heavily involving and utilizing local talents and skills in media production as well as Ghanaian expertise in areas within the 3ABN-Ghana’s programme philosophy, 
  •  Enabling a multi-local language translations of the regular 3ABN English language programmes on separate channels to non-English speaking communities including Akan, Ewe, Ga/Adangbwe and Hausa. 
  •  Enabling a review and adaptation of some of the satellite programmes to the Ghanaian culture and context with the intent of stirring up local taste and bringing the import of these global programmes to the Ghanaian society. 

 3ABN-Ghana is not owned, operated or funded by any church, denomination or political organization, so people from all cultures and religious backgrounds and ideological association will appreciate 3ABN programmes.