The THREE ANGELS BROADCASTING NETWORK GHANA (3ABN-GH) is non-profit media network that aims to bringing quality alternative lifestyle TV and Radio programming to Ghanaian citizens

3ABN-GH provides a continuous 24/7 blend of life-improvement programmes.  3ABN-GH downlinks and rebroadcast content primarily from 3ABN USA and other international networks in addition to locally produced programmes.

3ABN-Ghana offers:

  1. Marriage counseling and how to select a lifetime partner programmes
  2. Plant based nutrition and dietary programmes
  3. Medical health and disease control, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes
  4. Educational programmes covering basic subject curriculum and bringing children and youth up to the latest in global curriculum
  5. Family and parenting programmes  – where family experts share their insights on several topics parental roles and discipline
  6. Documentaries on science, technology, anthropology and astronomy, geographical, planning, history, nature and wildlife
  7. Organic gardening, herbal and home remedies
  8. Inspirational presentations indicating the signs of our times
  9. Inspirational themes for children teaching high moral principles with programmes that keep attention focused while they learn important values and life skills.
  10. Musical shows from diverse performers to satisfy a wide variety of tastes and much more

We are grateful for your generous and constant support, which keeps 3ABN-GH functional. Kindly send Vodafone Cash or call +233 020 367 3969 and GOD will bless your efforts.